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Virtu-Art is a premium Online Art Gallery for the discerning collector looking to expand his/her own collection. The pieces available for purchase are from that of the personal collection of renowned Sir Isaac Baxter.

About Virtu-Art

The idea came from Sir Isaac Baxter who has since childhood collected a wide range of different art pieces and stored them in is home. With his eccentric style and passion for the arts, his love for collecting painting quickly turned into a very profitable business.

However, for Sir Baxter it has never been about the monetary value the pieces. Instead he focuses on the joy and pure passion such masterpieces give off when viewing and studying them.

Sir Baxter therefore created Virtu-Art, an online art-gallery platform where other like minded individuals can view as well as purchase or trade pieces from his extensive and world-renowned collection located at the Baxter manor.

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Acrylic and charcoal on canvas by Layziehound Coka

My process of creation is borne from an attraction to these messages, which I translate into a visual product. The metaphoric symbols and imagery used in my art are subtly provocative yet assertive in their approach to the punchlines in each particular piece, which include the use of sweeping lines, boxed text and a microphone – my signature icon- which serves as a representation of society’s internal dialogue.

I intend for my art to be a catalyst for deeper discourse between inner voice and instinct, and thought with decision. I try by all means to connect people with their feelings, as an advisor or teacher or a visual conjurer would do, in order to elevate minds to transcendent levels of reasoning. The experience of my artart is not simply visual but allows for the movement of philosophical contemplation as the viewer is exposed to thoughts that are unique in their commonness.


Online Gallery

Welcome to the Online Gallery of Sir Isaac Baxter. The pieces you see to the left are currently up for sale. Sir Baxter will also look at trading pieces if an understanding can be reached. Please have a look and contact us should you wish to make a purhace or if you'd like to arrange a viewing.

Eugène Delacroix

Women of Algiers in their Apartment, 1834, Oil on canvas, 180 × 229cm

$179 Million

Govert Flinck

Landscape with Obelist, 1638, Oil on wood, 54.5 × 71cm

$64 Million

Vincent van Gogh

Scheveningen in Stormy Weather, 1882, Oil on canvas, 34.5 × 51cm

$213 Million

Claude Monet

Charing Cross Bridge, 1834, Oil on canvas, 66 × 93cm

$95 Million

Paul Cézanne

Mont Sainte-Victoire with Large Pine, 1887, Oil on canvas, 67 × 92cm

$112 Million


Basket of Fruit, 1595-96, Oil on canvas, 46 × 64.5cm

$49 Million

Pablo Picasso

Nature morte au compotier, 1914-15, Oil on canvas, 63.5 × 78.7cm

$193 Million


Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, 1632, Oil on canvas, 216.5 × 169.5cm

$256 Million

Jean Metzinger

Paysage (Landscape), 1912, Oil on canvas, 59.2 × 73cm

$39 Million

Fernand Léger

The City (La ville), 1919, Oil on canvas, 231.1 × 298.4cm

$179 Million