Welcome to Virtu-Art

Virtu-Art is a premium Online Art Gallery for the discerning collector looking to expand his/her own collection. The pieces available for purchase are from that of the personal collection of renowned Sir Isaac Baxter.

History of Virtu-Art

The idea came from Sir Isaac Baxter who has since childhood collected a wide range of different art pieces and stored them in is home. With his eccentric style and passion for the arts, his love for collecting painting quickly turned into a very profitable business. However, for Sir Baxter it has never been about the monetary value the pieces. Instead he focuses on the joy and pure passion such masterpieces give off when viewing and studying them.

Sir Baxter therefore created Virtu-Art, an online art-gallery platform where other like minded individuals can view as well as purchase or trade pieces from his extensive and world-renowned collection located at the Baxter manor.

“If one can find inspiration and happiness through art, the piece is priceless.”
- Sir Isaac Baxter